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​Come take Libations' 4 hour Mixology Course and learn the basics of Bartending.  TIPS and Safe Serve certified Bartenders will cover all the basics from setup, to pour counts.  We'll also teach you the most popular drink recipes, how to up sell, and how to engage you customers for the best tip possible.

The Curriculum

Bar Set-up / Equipment / Utensils!
Mixology / Drink Recipes / Garnish Preparation!
Wine Knowledge & Service
Spirit / Liqueur Knowledge & Service
Beer Knowledge & Service
Up selling
Legal Responsibilities / Alcohol Awareness / Customer Service


Ladies Night

Looking for something for you and the girls to do?  

Reserve a class for just you and your friends.  


from 6-10pm​

We run classes Sunday afternoons from 12-4p, by appointment only.  Looking for a special day to have a class?  Contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.


Bartending is a great way to meet new and interesting people.  Start in the class and make new friends.  Our classes are relaxed and fun.  No classroom settings here.

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